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Smudge Popsicle – Imphepo (South African Sage)


Smudge Popsicle – Imphepo (South African Sage)


Smudging is the burning of herbs with intent to bring about a desired change in energy and in turn ones emotions, thoughts, surroundings and reality. Smudging is a golden thread that connects and runs through all cultures, religions and belief systems and has been practiced throughout the millennia.

It is believed that the smudge stick and the act of smudging with focus and intent, create a powerful tool which allows you to take responsibility for your own self-empowerment and manifested reality by working with elemental energies and your higher-self.

Imphepo (South African Sage) – A traditional herb found only in South Africa. Used to cleanse and protect and allows you to connect to your spirit guides and angels. A powerful smudge.

Directions for use included.

**All dreamcatchers sold on our website include ONE FREE smudge popsicle per dreamcatcher**

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