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Izelle de Jager

Founder & Owner

Venus & the Hare started many moons ago when a young girl with a wild fascination with the universe met a little bunny, her spirit animal. Realising that she needed to embrace the divine feminine energy she carries within herself, she started a journey towards conscious living and spiritual ritualism. She began to create products herself for herself and soon wanted to share these with the world along with a variety of sourced products.

Venus & the Hare offers a variety of products that are handmade and natural that can aid you in creating your own balance within your life and home. Perhaps you are simply interested in using natural body care products, such as our coconut oil soap range, perhaps you want to find some peace in dreams with our cleansed and blessed dreamcatcher range, or maybe you are interested in using our smudge sticks to clear energies yourself within your home for relaxation or esoteric purposes. What ever your needs may be, Venus & the Hare is here to guide you, help you and grow with you.

Allow yourself to wander off the known path and take a peek into the rabbit hole, for there are many wonderfully magical things that await you once you start setting clear intentions and relax your mind, body & soul.